About the school

"The House of Possibilities"

Elof Lindälvs gymnasium is a modern upper secondary school, centrally located in the town of Kungsbacka. In 2019 the number of students approaches 1500.

The national programmes that Elof Lindälvs gymnasium offer is:

Vocational programmes 

Electricity and Energy Programme (EE)
Vehicle and Transport Programme (FT)
Business and Administration Programme (HA)
Hotel and Tourism Programme (HT)
Industrial Technology Programme (IN)
Restaurant Management and Food Programme (RL)

Higher education preparatory programmes
Business Management and Economics Programme (EK)
Natural Science Programme (NA)Social Science Programme (SA)Technology Programme (TE)

It is a school that is ideally equipped to answer to the demands of the new ICT-society, combining competence and quality in the form of both material requirements and dedicated and highly qualified teachers.

International co-operation forms part of the school curriculum, e.g. collaboration with England, France, Italy, Spain, Germany and the Czech Republic.

The international image is strengthened by tuition in English in subjects/courses like Marketing in English and Business English.

Regardless of what direction of study a student chooses there is ample scope for individual choice and personal direction.'

The teaching of Modern languages plays an important part in the school.

And, of course, there is a large number of courses to be found in the fields of technical/vocational - economic - scientifical - aestethical education!

Courses and grades

In upper secondary school, subjects are divided into courses. Courses may comprise 50, 100, 150  and 200 credits. There are also longer independent courses. Grades are given for every course completed.

Every course has a syllabus stating the objectives to be achieved. There are also grading criteria for every course stating the required level of achievement for the grades of Pass, Pass with Distinction and Pass with Special Distinction.

At the end of a upper secondary school program, students receive a final grade (leaving certificate), which is a compilation of the grades for all the courses included in the study program.

Student influence

The new curriculum gives students considerable influence over the content and planning of education, as well as influence over his/her schooling in general. A student has the right to choose his/her program and specialization. Every national program also leaves room for course options. The number of options varies from program to program.
Programs also allow students an individual option totalling 200 credits. Within these limits, the student may choose from the courses offered in the municipality.